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Dave's Waves Sonic Home Delivery

by David "Dave" First

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Original album released 2003/new sounds added 2015-2019

"Book a table at Dave's Waves right away, since First is quite simply a master chef when it comes to cooking up harmonics… Guaranteed to get your head spinning, indeed. Bon appetit!" [Paris Transatlantic]

"Dave's Waves is an electronic fantastic voyage through the human brain. From relaxed to more tense sounds, many people will be astonished by this sound experience." [Perfect Sound Forever]

**** Four Stars
[All Music Guide]


released April 2, 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to those who have followed the Dave’s Waves™ saga over the past couple of decades that your host Dave lives to serve. Whether cutting the ribbon on a shiny new new state-of-the-art franchise in Moscow or working behind the counter in my lovely luncheonette here in Brooklyn, I still try to keep my hands on the wheel. There’s simply nothing I enjoy more than greeting customers and watching their faces as they absorb my droning delights.

But now all that is on hold for the time being and I have decided that the only solution is Dave’s Waves™ Sonic Restaurant Home Delivery Service (or, DWSRHDS). Yes, here before you is our entire menu in hi-rez audio when and where and how you want it! How sweet is that? This development—which came to me in a flash of inspiration, and agreed upon to immediately by our board—marks the first time ever that our entire menu is available as downloadable files.

I have to admit, however, as happy as I am to be able to continue my calling in this fashion, the whole situation has caused me to take an uncharacteristically reflective turn.

Looking back it seems like only yesterday that in 2002 we opened the original Dave’s Waves™ in a modest building in the center square of Lier, Belgium. We served our dishes on portable CD players back then (ha ha..ask your grandparents)! It was an immediate success with the good citizens of Lier and I was a very happy man.

Then, 2003 saw the official Dave’s Waves™ CD release. This allowed people everywhere to experience—in the privacy of their own home—the sounds that those in Lier had come to enjoy so much. We were extremely gratified to receive many wonderful messages from listeners and very nice reviews from those sometimes very tough sound critics.

Still, as much as I loved having the Dave’s Waves™ sounds conveniently available to anyone, anywhere, inside I knew that there was nothing like being in Dave’s Waves™ and experiencing the sounds prepared and served by our specially trained staff. Therefore I was especially proud of the next big step in our amazing journey in June 2006 when we opened up Dave’s Waves™ in Berlin, Germany. This was an exciting development for all of us. As part of this Berlin resurgence, our new facilities included the use of Apple iPods, which were very popular at the time.

As must be obvious, we at Dave’s Waves™ will always embrace change—including making use of the latest in technology and social media. So in order to reach out in a brand new way, in 2006 I created Dave’s Waves™ Myspace Sonic Restaurant (again, ha ha!) and, in 2010, Dave’s Waves™ Facebook Sonic Restaurant.

Then, in 2013, in our boldest move yet, we began having the best of all worlds! When Dave’s Waves™ opened in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, we featured live Wi-Fi streaming of all of the delicacies for which we have become justifiably famous.

Finally, of course, I mustn’t leave out where it all came together in a spectacular return to my roots—the multi-season run at the Luncheonette. As the hippies used to say, “what an extensive, phantasmagoric peregrination it has been!”

In closing, I would just like to state that as with all previous sonic restaurant ventures, I want to assure you that I remain as fully committed as ever to continuing in the tradition of our first Dave’s Waves™ in serving only the finest in naturally modulated sine tones lovingly transformed from data collected in the earth's ionosphere, various species of brainwave-state emulations for your entrainment pleasure and all the other acoustical, visual, and metaphysical delights one has come to expect when visiting any of our other locations.

So…welcome! Get comfortable and experience for yourself what we humbly feel is the finest sonic restaurant fare that can be found anywhere. I hope this missive finds you safe, healthy and able to experience as much joy as possible every day!

Sonically Yours,

David "Dave" First
CEO and Founder of Dave’s Waves™ Sonic Restaurant


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David First New York

David’s bands/projects include his psychedelic punk band, Notekillers, SWATi - a drone collaboration with acupuncturist Isobeau Trybula, The Western Enisphere - an audio/visual exploration of psycho-perception, and the AM Radio Band – a solo project for vintage signal generators, oscillators and transistor radios. He is also the proprietor of “Dave’s Waves" – a sonic restaurant A/V installation. ... more

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